Vedanta Spells Success & Happiness

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

There are two things that people are obsessed with in life. They are success and happiness. We want to be successful and happy at work, in our relationships and socially. And so we should. But the question we need to ask ourselves is, “Are we successful and happy?”

Vedanta Sparks Success and Happiness

Vedanta gives you the tools to gain both success and happiness. One of those tools is objectivity. Objectivity is a grand state that only a human being has access to. Where you can function from a higher level, without ego and without getting involved in your perceptions and actions, emotions and thoughts.

So if you want to be successful and happy, you need to be objective. Vedanta gives you that advantage. It gives you that edge over others.

Gaining Peace and Prosperity

Objectivity makes you productive, efficient and effective, which results in prosperity and success. It also gives you an attitude that brings about peace of mind.

What robs us of our mental peace is unfulfilled desires. When a desire is unfulfilled the mind becomes agitated. And when the mind is agitated we become stressed. The definition of stress, therefore, is mental agitation caused by unfulfilled desire.

We become agitated because the world doesn’t always provide us with what we want. Sometimes we get what our heart desires. Other times we do not. And when we don’t get what we want, we become agitated. Agitation destroys our peace of mind.

What gives us peace of mind is objectivity. And what gives us objectivity is Vedanta.

Without objectivity, our desire-ridden mind takes over our personality and pushes us into action. The mind wants something and we go and get it. The mind wants something else and we go get that. So all we are doing, from morning to night, is trying to fulfil the desires that keep popping up in our mind. And when we’re not able to fulfil the mind’s desire, we become agitated.

Extend this to your life. Every day you are doing the same. Fulfilling one desire after another. And every time you fulfil a desire you’re happy. But it’s only ever temporary.

What happens when you reach an age where your body is not able to fulfil the mind’s desires? That’s when you experience extreme agitation. That’s when you can’t live with yourself. Nor can others live with you.

To avoid this agitation from happening, you need to gain objectivity. For which you need Vedanta. Below is list of references. And for those who live in Perth, we have a Vedanta Class every Monday evening. All are welcome. Alternatively, if you can’t make the class, we have a variety of workshops and retreats for you to attend.

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Meredith Forder

Meredith Forder is the founding director of Vedanta Institute Perth. She is a graduate of the Vedanta Academy in India and a senior student of International speaker and philosopher Swami Parthasarathy. Through her teachings, Meredith presents insights about our modern-day epidemics — stress, anxiety, fear, addictions and depression — and provides a refreshing way to overcome them. She offers the essence of Eastern philosophy to our Western society, bringing a balance between outer success and inner peace of mind.

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