The Happiness Choice

Happiness is a result of the choices we make. Make wrong choices and you will suffer. Make right choices and you will prosper and be happy. — Meredith Forder

Choices have Consequences

Learn how to make the right choices for a successful and happy life.

What do you want for your children? You want them to be happy, right? You want them to be fulfilled, confident, kind and caring. At the same time you want them to be mentally strong, to think for themselves and make clear, rational decisions.

The Happiness Choice is a practical workshop for parents, teachers and students on how to make the right choices in life to bring about greater success and happiness. This workshop is complimented by an optional follow-up course.

  • Course Benefits

      • Significantly reduce worry, anxiety, fear & stress.
      • Increase composure, clarity and contentment.
      • Understand the difference between mind, intellect and intelligence.
      • Gain clear thinking and decision making skills.
      • Boost happiness with right choices and ethical behaviour.
      • Improve your relationships.

What Parents Say

  • Vedanta teaches you HOW to think, how to manage the mind and the emotions that can overwhelm us. What’s more, it helps us understand WHO we are. Young adults start to question the world around them and try to make sense of their place in it; Vedanta can provide a framework, guidance and clarity at what can be a very confusing time in life and equip students with invaluable skills for the journey into adulthood.

    Author's imageAasha BroadMother and Teacher
  • This ought to be taught in schools. We all want our children to be happy, safe and to get on in life so there’s a responsibility to give this education. Knowing this would eradicate bullying, stress, depression and bad choices to name just a few. I wish I’d known about it.

    Author's imageLee EastArtist and Mother
  • Vedanta should be taught in schools, because it will provide our children with life long tools and wisdom to live a happier, more productive and peaceful life. Vedanta has given me the ability to deal with life’s challenges with objectivity, tolerance, courage and inner strength. I’m so much more understanding of myself, others and how our minds and emotions work. I wish I had learnt it sooner.

    Author's imageJazz BaileyMother and Wellness Coach

The Facilitator

Meredith Forder is a philosopher, Self-management consultant and happiness expert, who has spent over 25 years researching the ancient wisdom of Vedanta* and how it benefits modern life and living.

Innovative and revolutionary are words used to describe Meredith’s method of teaching. She presents clear insights into the cause of worry, anxiety, stress and depression and offers refreshing ways to overcome them.

* Vedanta is the ancient philosophy on life and living that originated in the Himalayas over 10,000 years ago.