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Vedanta is the ancient science of Self-management. Self-management is the ability to manage yourself — your actions, emotions and thoughts. When you can manage yourself, you can manage anything in life.

Self-management is essential for a successful and happy life. Lack of self-management leads to worry, anxiety, fear, stress and depression. These take a toll on your physical and mental health, which affects the quality of your private and professional life.

A. Parthasarathy is the world leader in Self-management. He has pioneered Self-management programs to teach fundamental techniques to reduce stress, increase productivity and gain effective leadership.

Meredith Forder is a Self-management consultant and senior student of A. Parthasarathy. Meredith conducts corporate Self-management programs in Australia. These programs bring a balance between outer success and inner peace of mind. The video below shows Meredith in action.

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      Higher values for happier living.
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      Leadership | Reduce Stress | Gain Success.
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      Change yourself you change the world.
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      A. Parthasarathy & Sunandaji in 2019.
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  • Yoga for the Mind

    Yoga For the Mind

    Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that gives you balance, strength, poise and flexibility, so that you can handle life’s changes and challenges with dignity and composure.

  • Vedanta 3 Yogas Retreat

    3 Yogas Retreat

    Today we live in a crazy-busy-always-switched-on world full of smart phones and constant connection. All this makes our lives unstable and chaotic.

  • Vedanta Academy Retreat

    Vedanta Academy Retreat

    The most peaceful time in your life begins the moment you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change and embrace what you can — yourself.