Vedanta is the ancient science of Self-management. Self-management is the ability to manage yourself — your actions, emotions and thoughts. When you can manage yourself, you can manage anything in life.

Self-management is essential for a success and happiness. Lack of self-management leads to worry, anxiety, fear, anger, stress and depression. These take a heavy toll on your physical and mental health, seriously affecting the quality of your private and professional life.

Meredith Forder is a self-management consultant who conducts self-management programmes in Australia. These programmes aim to bring a balance between outer success and inner contentment.

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  • Vedanta Self Management — Raising Happy Children

    Raising Happy Children

    Children grow up so fast, and before you know it they’re out there in the big world making their own decisions.

  • Vedanta Self Management

    Stop Worrying, Start Living

    It starts with a nagging thought and before you know it you have a storm brewing inside your head, making you emotional …

  • Vedanta Self Management — Spiritual Detox Retreat

    Spiritual Detox Retreat

    Imagine not showering for a day. Imagine not showering for two days! Three days! A week! Now imagine your mind.