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Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that originated in the Himalayas over 10,000 years ago.

Vedanta presents the higher values of life and living. These values are timeless and consequently, as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Learning the higher values of Vedanta gives you clarity, inner peace and boundless energy — a combination that promotes mental health, happiness and physical wellbeing.

Vedanta teaches a technique of living that is scientific and systematic. A technique that reduces worry, anxiety, fear and stress, making you clear, efficient and peaceful. Moreover, Vedanta provides knowledge that enables you to handle life’s challenges and changes with dignity, poise and ease.

Below is a video testimonial by Jo Richardson, from Little Jo Studio, on how Vedanta has helped her to gain clarity and composure.

About Us

Vedanta Institute Perth is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating people on the higher values of life and living. The institute’s work is inspired by world-renowned spiritual master Swami Parthasarathy. It is managed by a group of volunteers, headed by Meredith Forder.

  • What We Offer

    • Classes
      Higher values for happier living.
    • Workshops
      Gain peace, happiness and success.
    • Retreats
      Change yourself you change the world.
    • International Speakers
      A. Parthasarathy & Sunandaji.
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Upcoming Events

  • Yoga For the Mind

    Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that gives you balance, strength, poise and flexibility, so that you can handle life’s changes and challenges with dignity and composure.

  • What's My Purpose?

    What’s My Purpose?

    When we are born, we come into the world with natural tendencies and inclinations, which make us who we are. However, as we grow we are influenced by the …

  • Vedanta Academy Yoga

    3 Yogas Retreat

    The most peaceful time in your life begins the moment you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change and embrace what you can — yourself.