Vedanta Classes

Today we live in a world full of comforts and conveniences, yet in our world of plenty there is poverty of spirit. There is so much worry, anxiety, addictions, fear, divorce and depression.

The reason for this paradox is that the focus of attention has been and still is on developing the material world, with the idea of making our lives more comfortable and happier. However the result is that we are not any happier.

That’s because there are two ingredients in the recipe of life: the individual and the world. Both need to be developed. Otherwise it’s like building a skyscraper without a foundation. It’s bound to collapse. And this is exactly what’s happening. People are not able to handle themselves or their circumstances.

The solution to the problem lies in developing ourselves, by building a strong foundation. The ancient philosophy and wisdom of Vedanta provides the knowledge we need to build a solid base. Thereafter it doesn’t matter how tall the building is, or how perfect or imperfect the building is, it will not collapse.

Vedanta classes focus on setting a solid foundation by developing you, the individual, so that you can experience a less anxious, more exhilarated, balanced and happier life.


Meredith Forder is the founding director of the Vedanta Institute Perth. She is a graduate of the Vedanta Academy in India and a senior student of world-renowned spiritual master Swami Parthasarathy.

What Class Members Say

  • Vedanta Class is a real piece of heaven. Meredith imparts the most practical knowledge I’ve ever known, which I make use of everyday of my life.

    Author's imageTony MaceriKitchen Designer
  • The things that Vedanta teaches us about how to live our life has helped me more than any psychologist or therapist I have ever been to.

    Author's imageKaren RogersonPatient Care Assistant
  • Since I started attending Vedanta classes, I have become much calmer and more focused. I use to be so anxious and reactive to everything, but now I can control these emotions and have more peace and happiness in my life.

    Author's imageFlavia GiardinoPR & Marketing Specialist
  • Vedanta has changed my life. I have been studying now for 6 years and every time I attend a class, workshop or retreat I come away feeling refreshed, with clearly direction and purpose in my life.

    Author's imageMike ClarkTraffic Controller
  • Having like minded people with which to discuss Vedanta philosophy is exciting as well as enlightening. I come away from every class feeling a powerful sense of unity, not only with my fellow participants, but with the wider community.

    Author's imageKim RichardsonGirl Guides Australia
  • I’m your quintessential Aussie guy. Cheeky, enjoys a beer, loves playing and watching footy. Yet I stumbled across a more spiritual side recently—either by accident or design—and I’ve starting implementing the knowledge and I can honestly say in my head and my heart I feel different—my sense of being feels much clearer, happier and more positive.

    Author's imageAndrew HonasAccountant
  • It’s not often I rate anything as 5 star, but the intellectual growth and realisations I am experiencing from these classes are having a profound effect on my life and way of living as a whole. What else could be considered 5 star? For anyone who feels there’s place in their life for spiritual growth come along and experience Meredith’s class and see how it can inspire your own growth.

    Author's imageWill WilsonEntrepreneur
  • Where & When

    Every Monday, 6.30-7.30pm.
    Kindly arrive by 6.20pm.
    Murray House, Heathcote, 58 Duncraig Road, Applecross WA.

  • No Fee

    Even though there is no admission fee, we practice the ancient Indian tradition called Gurudakshina, which is giving back to the Guru out of respect and gratitude for what has been given.

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