The ancient wisdom of Vedanta originated in Himalayas over 10,000 years ago. Its philosophy presents the higher values and eternal principles of life and living, which create inner peace and tranquility, coupled with boundless energy—a combination that promotes mental health, happiness and physical wellbeing.

Upcoming Events

  • manage-mind-sm

    Manage Your Mind Workshop

    The Dalai Lama once said, “There are two kinds of happiness: the temporary pleasure derived primarily from material comfort…

  • 3 Yogas Retreat

    3 Yogas Retreat

    What distracts us from inner peace and contentment is our ego and expectations. The practice of the 3 Yogas reduces ego and quietens the mind….

  • va-yoga-sm

    Vedanta International Retreat

    Spend five days with Self-realised master Swami Parthasarathy and his daughter and protege Sunandaji at the Vedanta Academy in India.