Ancient Wisdom | Modern Living

Vedanta Institute Perth (VIP) is a non-profit-organisation dedicated to educating people on the ancient wisdom of Vedanta; a philosophy that originated in Himalayas over 10,000 years ago.

Vedanta presents the higher values and eternal principles of life and living. Learning these values creates inner peace and tranquility, coupled with boundless energy — a combination that promotes mental health, happiness and physical wellbeing.

Vedanta teaches a technique of living that is scientific and systematic. The technique enables you to handle life’s challenges and changes with dignity, poise and ease. Moreover, Vedanta reduces stress (fear, worry and anxiety) and increases productivity, making you both effective and peaceful.

Vedanta Institute Perth is one of many Vedanta Institutes throughout the world. Each one working under the umbrella of Vedanta World, which runs the Vedanta Academy in India.

Upcoming Events

  • Yoga for the Mind

    Yoga for the Mind is an ancient spiritual practice that gives you balance, strength and flexibility, so that you can handle life’s changes and challenges with dignity, poise and ease.

  • Difficult People

    Dealing with Difficult People

    Have you ever felt completely thrown off balance by someone else’s behaviour? Did it feel like the emotional equivalent of being mowed down by a hit-and-run driver?

  • Spiritual Detox Retreat

    You will gain the tools to cleanse your mind, so that you can live a healthy and happy life, free from negativity, and filled with peace, joy and contentment.