The ancient wisdom of Vedanta originated in Himalayas over 10,000 years ago. Its philosophy presents the higher values and eternal principles of life and living, which create inner peace and tranquility, coupled with boundless energy—a combination that promotes mental health, happiness and physical wellbeing.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Karma Yoga Retreat

    Karma Yoga Retreat

    What distracts us from inner peace is our ego and expectations. The practice of Karma Yogas reduces ego and quietens the mind by reducing…

  • Vedanta Yoga Retreat India

    Vedanta Yoga Retreat India

    The Vedanta Yoga Retreat takes place at the home of Spirituality, the Vedanta Academy in India. The retreat provides a rare opportunity to take stock …

  • Swamiji - Vedanta International Retreat

    Vedanta International Retreat

    Five days to pause and reflect on your life. The retreat is designed to introduce yourself to your Self through the fundamental teachings of Vedanta.

Upcoming Workshops, Classes & Courses

  • Vedanta Class

    Vedanta Masterclass

    Transform yourself and your life with Vedanta, the ancient philosophy that originated in the Himalayas over 10,000 years ago.

  • Stress Management

    Do you blame the traffic when you’re late? Do you blame others when you’re upset? Do you blame work when you’re feeling stressed?


  • Intellect Vs Intelligence

    Clear Thinking Course

    When it comes to making the right choices in life, mere intelligence will not guarantee the best result. This fact is exemplified by …