The ancient wisdom of Vedanta originated in Himalayas over 10,000 years ago. Its philosophy presents the higher values and eternal principles of life and living, which create inner peace and tranquility, coupled with boundless energy—a combination that promotes mental health, happiness and physical wellbeing.

Self Management

Self management is the art of managing yourself—your actions, emotions and thoughts. When you can manage yourself, you can manage anything in life—your business and your relationships. With a structured program of self management, you and those you lead will look forward to Monday mornings, not just Friday afternoons.

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  • Spiritual Development Class

    No Fee Class

    If you are a serious seeker of truth, inner peace and wisdom then join us at our weekly Vedanta (spiritual development) Class.

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  • Soulful Sundays

    Soulful Sundays

    Join us at a Soulful Sunday Workshop and access the tools you need to live an abundant life filled with inner peace, joy and contentment.

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  • 3 Yogas Retreat is Sold Out

    3 Yogas Retreat

    Awaken to your true Self at the 3 Yogas Retreat. Gain peace, composure and energy through reflective contemplation, yoga and wisdom.

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